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Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing works on both a physical and emotional level.

Rahanni healing means “of one heart”. It is a heart energy that works on a pink light vibration. Combined with ascended masters and seven major archangels, this is a powerful yet subtle energy, brought to earth at this time. It allows a beautiful energy to ripple out through your life, bringing peace and tranquility. Rahanni helps to release any fears and negative energy accumulated from our time spent on this earth.

I have found that many clients have an improved outlook on life as a result. Each session of Rahanni will differ as your needs change. The energy will always be directed where it’s needed. It balances male and female energies within, bringing inner calm, and is wonderful for children, particularly benefiting those diagnosed with hyperactivity and A.D.D. It can also help animals, as they are open to the healing light, and can even be sent as a distance healing.

Or why not become a Rahanni practitioner and share the Rahanni experience with friends, family and clients?

Individual session: £50.00

Group Attunement

Practitioner Level One


Teacher Level Two


One to One Attunement

Practitioner Level One


Teacher Level Two


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Spiritual Guidance

Are you at a crossroads in your life?  Do you need conformation that you are on the right pathway?

Using a combination of tarot, clairvoyance and mediumship skills, I will connect to spirit to gain information that will help give you guidance and clarity. Spiritual Guidance can help to bring comfort and reassurance with messages from loved ones whom have passed. Each reading will meet your needs at the time and as your needs change each reading will deliver different information.

Not all information may feel relevant at the time of the reading but can come to fruition some time after. I will at all times respect your emotional needs. All the information that is given will be done so in a sensitive manner. The emphasis is on dealing with you as an individual whole person, therefore the session will be bespoke to you.



Hopi Ear Candle Therapy

A gentle non-invasive therapy that can be used to effectively treat a range of conditions.

A traditional therapy, used by many cultures including the Ancient Greeks, ear candling was popularised by the Hopi Indian tribe of the American south-west and is used to treat a variety of physical and stress conditions.

As well as treating disorders of the ears, nose and throat, it has long been thought to provide cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis and is an extremely relaxing treatment that can bring great relief and a calming effect on the whole system. It is also suitable for children.

Free initial consultation.

Treatment time: 30 minutes


£75.00 for a course of 3 treatments

Self-Awareness Numerology Coaching

Your name and date of birth can unlock information to move your life forward.

They are no coincidence and can help you reach your true potential. Self-Awareness Numerology highlights your life purpose, your life path. It can help you understand yourself, enabling you to achieve your true potential. Discover your main purpose and raise your awareness to enjoy life. Increase confidence and bring clarity to your life by defining your own strengths.

Receive your own copy of your Self-Awareness Profile and a Coaching Package.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £150.00


Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression (FLP) provides a fantastic way of gaining hindsight in your life.

It’s what is called a waking dream therapy, a form of hypnosis that relaxes you into a deep, yet alert state, while opening your mind to your own potential. For those who feel somehow paralysed or prevented from moving forward and can’t see a way to remove blocks and obstacles, it can prove an extremely effective therapy.

By tapping into your subconscious to gain knowledge, it gives you the clarity and information you need to enhance your life, helping you explore new possibilities, while increasing confidence and self-belief.

FLP is a brilliant tool to explore your career path further down the line, or you may be looking for love and want to know what your future partner looks like. By using FLP it is possible to go forward to 5 and 10 year points to discover what you are doing, giving you the wonderful opportunity to find out what needs to be changed to achieve your goals. FLP can be used to find your next home or discover emerging business trends. The possibilities are endless.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £120.00

Past Life Regression

Return to a past life to gain insight and knowledge that will help you in this life time.

Clear behaviours, break ties, and become stronger as you have a greater understanding of who you really are. Past Life Regression is a form of hypnosis which can help you resolve problems as you uncover events in your past life that may be facilitating unwanted behaviours in this life.

Participants can be freed of negative behaviour patterns that are holding them back, whether emotionally, financially or in some other way. Fears and phobias can be resolved and health and emotional problems may significantly improve.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £120.00


Past Life Clearance Therapy

Are you repeating patterns, even though you have made changes to your life?

Perhaps the outcome always seems to be the same even though the faces and places may be different. If this sounds familiar, working with Past Life Clearance Therapy can help you get to the root of the issue or problem that keeps reoccurring.

This powerful and effective method helps clear the blocks and release the original source of the problem, bringing balance and breaking the cycle of repeated, negative experiences. You receive as much information as you need to clear the problem. Past Life Clearance Therapy works by helping you to identify the initial cause of the problem. Imagine a brick wall in front of you, by removing the first brick the rest of the wall will crumble. Regain a sense of empowerment and freedom to your life.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £120.00

Alternative Futures

Are you uncertain where your life choices are taking you?
Do you need direction and guidance? Alternative futures can give you the answers you need and so much more. The possibilities that can unfold will amaze you. By tapping in to your ultimate future you will be surprised by how much you can achieve.
This session gives you an opportunity to gain an insight into how wonderful your life can be, if you allow it. A fabulous chance to experience possible outcomes. It is believed that we have four possible life path ways. Alternatives Futures gives you a chance to explore them all.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £120.00


Connect to Far Distant Future Self

Who could be better placed than your future Self to guide you?

Meeting your future self in this powerful session. You will blend you energy with this highly evolved being that is your far distant self. You will meet your far distant self in a special place and build a deep connection that you will be able to call upon whenever you need to.

Connecting with your Far Distant Future Self on a regular basis will help to build the bond between you. They will be able to guide you leaving you feeling empowered, uplifted and with a sense of inner happiness.

Face-to-Face or Skype: £120.00

VIP Coaching Package

For an intense transformation, book a VIP coaching Package.

Using a combination of Self-Awareness Numerology coaching and Rahanni Celestial Healing with a choice of Future Life Progression, Past Regression and Past Life Clearance, including three 15 minute progress calls.

The progress calls will help support you through your six week transformation. These calls will be made by prior arrangement.

Appointments run over a 6 week time scale.




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